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Работа сотрудников отдела технической поддержки в средние века

Работа сотрудников отдела технической поддержки в средние века.

Medieval Helpdesk » Introducing the latest innovation: a book (Norwegian with english subtitles)

Видео тут:

С русским переводом:


На английском:



Полный текст на английском языке:

Hello? Are you Brother Ansgar?
Ah, yes, hello.
How are you doing?
What's the matter?
Well, it's this thing.
Would you like to sit down?
I haven't been able to do anything the whole morning because of this.
I see. Well, I'm sorry.
We are introducing this new system and everybody wants help immediately.
Eh ... so you can't use it?
Right, it has just been laying here.
Have you tried to open it?
Open it?! If it's that simple, I would not called helpdesk, would I?
Would you like a cup of hot water?
No thanks. This will be done quickly.
Let me see, you just do like this.
And now, you have started.
Yeah. I made it that far myself!
But then I stopped because I was afraid some of the text would disappear.
So I was afraid to go on.
Okay. Well you see: in this thing there are saved several hundred pages of text.
So to proceed you just grab one sheet of paper and turn it over like this.
Ok so it ends here ... and then it continues here!
Aha, but if I want to go back?
Then you just turn the page back by holding the paper here.... And then you are back to where you were.
That is great. But when I finish, what do I do then?
Then you just fold the cover like this.
Now it's closed and everything is save inside it.
So you are sure I won't loose any of the text?
No, no. Everything is safe, unless you set fire to the whole thing. Which isn’t very likely?
When you are used to paper rolls it takes some time to convert to turn the pages of a - beek.
Book. But then everything is ok?
Yeah, just one last thing.
Let's run through it once before you leave.
I open it like this. And then I ... how did you say?
Turn the page.
I turn the page back and forth.
And when I'm finished I just close it.
Nice. Thank you.
Great. Bye ...
Hey, wait! I can't believe ... it's like this again. I can't open it.
You are doing it with the wrong side up.
What do you mean, "wrong"?
You have to open it from the other side.
So it does matter which way you open it?
Yes. You have to open it from this side.
I see.
Have you read the manual?
Yeah. It comes with this guide for users. Here it is.
Yes, but this has the same problems. I can't seem to open it.
Oh, we hadn't thought about that.



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